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Why Schools Should Be Increasing Their Cyber Security

Despite the various challenges the education sector faces, cybersecurity needs to be a priority. Attacks are no less frequent and severe in the field. They have been gaining ground in prevalence due to the number of breaches reported in both schools and higher education. According to data from the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center, schools andContinue reading “Why Schools Should Be Increasing Their Cyber Security”

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a type of training that has become a common component of many learning leaders’ efforts. It’s also a great way to introduce new ideas and improve the educational experience for adults and children alike. A blended learning approach can help you meet the diverse learning needs of your students. It can helpContinue reading “What is Blended Learning?”

How Technology Can Motivate Students to Learn

There are many ways to improve motivation when it comes to teaching, especially when it comes to using technology. But if you are willing to try some of the more effective ways of using technology, this could be an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge about teaching. Aside from being educational tools, tablets, interactive whiteboards,Continue reading “How Technology Can Motivate Students to Learn”

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more popular in schools as teachers can use it to bring lessons to life and meet the varying learning styles of their students. This technology can also help meet the needs of different students. Virtual reality is a fun and educational tool that can be used to teach various subjects.Continue reading “Virtual Reality in the Classroom”

Cloud Computing and Education

The education industry has changed a lot over the years. Teachers and students no longer have to be confined to classrooms and textbooks, as mobile devices and computers have allowed them to reach out and connect with their learners anywhere. The right technologies can help students develop the skills they need to succeed in today’sContinue reading “Cloud Computing and Education”

Technology Helps Arts Students with Creativity

From Blake, Byron, Keats, the Shelleys, and other English Romantic writers to Goethe and the Sturm und Drang artists in Germany to Pushkin in Russia, Romanticism defined European literature and art for decades. It also changed the way in which we view artists and artistic people.  There’s a reason why an artist like Shakespeare isContinue reading “Technology Helps Arts Students with Creativity”

The Gamification of Education

It is no secret that video games are among the biggest industries and forces in pop culture in the world. No matter who you are or where you come from, chances are you’ve heard of and played some video games in your time. The Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other video game characters rankContinue reading “The Gamification of Education”

How to Execute a Digital Transformation

To say that the Internet has changed our lives over the course of the past couple of decades is an understatement, and something that you already know. What might be a surprise to you is just how many schools still don’t have proper Wi-Fi access or are otherwise lacking in basic digital infrastructure. This isContinue reading “How to Execute a Digital Transformation”

Ways That Schools Can Improve Their Cybersecurity

Few things are more important for schools than developing ways of securing their computer systems. There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle – students have a great deal of access to devices and the Internet from a young age, and are going to keep using their iPads and MacBooks for the foreseeable future.Continue reading “Ways That Schools Can Improve Their Cybersecurity”